Update 2019

We’re continuing the story of our travels over at nancyandhans.wordpress.com. It’s called ‘Wander More with Us.’ The story about our India trip has been moved to that site. Check there for more trips in 2019!

Update 2018

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We’re excited new owners of a Four Wheel Camper.  We’ve spent several months travelling Baja and Northern California.  Soon we’re off for a trip across the US to attend our son’s graduation from college.  We then fly to the Netherlands to spend the summer season bicycling and touring.  This time we have arranged a home exchange with a couple from Amsterdam.  We will have friends and family flying in to visit throughout the summer. December will bring a family trip to India to explore the culinary secrets of the South and attend a dear friend’s family wedding in Mumbai.

There you go!



Well, after years of dreaming and months of planning we’re off!

Our itinerary is largely defined by our plane tickets; Hans spent many hours with Hopper, our credit card points, airlines, and Kayak trying to find the best routes. Here’s what we ended up with:

Leave home, September 25, 2017
We’ll spend the first 6 weeks travelling around the US. We’ll slide into it slowly with a little camping (possibly freezing!) in some of our amazing national parks and open spaces. Yosemite. Eastern Sierra. Nevada. Utah. On this leg of the trip, we’ll also visit family and friends, meandering from our home in Central California to Minnesota in our 2000 Tundra, and then flying to New York where we’ll rent a car.

JFK to Paris, November 8th at 11:55pm.
That’s right, we coincidentally leave this great country of ours on election night. As one acquaintance quipped, ‘No one wants to be the last one out!’ In Paris we rent a mini car for our European leg and spend a few days in the Loire Valley before heading on to a month and a half touring Spain, Portugal, with a possible overnight or two in Tangiers.

Paris to Colombo, Sri Lanka, December 18th.
Once in Sri Lanka we meet up with Sophie and Augie for a motorcycle tour around the island. Later in the month, we’ll be joined by more family for tours of the ancient fortress Sigiriya, a safari in the leopard reserve at Yala NP, a few days at the beach, a day at an elephant sanctuary, and a cooking class from a local.

Colombo to Auckland, New Zealand, January 30th.
We’re off to New Zealand for 6 weeks of biking, hiking, paddling, and touring with our friends Don and Mary. We are going to look for Frodo and Sam, and hope to see a few penguins, kiwis, and takahe (not quite sure what those are, but we’ll let you know).

Auckland to SFO on March 15th
We’ll be back home by mid-March for doctor’s visits, taxes, and reconnecting. Hans will be collecting his mother Grace and our Tundra truck from the frozen tundra of Northern Minnesota. They’ll enjoy a bit of a mother/son road trip.

SFO to Europe
In late April or early May, we’re off to England to visit Augie (where he’ll be for a semester abroad), then to Ghent, Belgium for 3 months of living the life of temporary expats. We’d hoped to be in Belgium for 5 months, but discovered that the Schengen visa is only for 90 days.

That’s it, for now. An outline of our wanderings. Hope you’ll keep track of us here and send us lots of travel tips for the places we are visiting.
Hans and Nancy